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Debating made great again!

The Bible and Beer Consortium is a true gift to Christendom. A throwback to the fraternal style debates of the medieval era. One can simply call to mind the great Duns Scotus, who would debate his opponents and then sit down and enjoy some medieval strong drink with them. A classic hearkening to the early Christian debaters and defenders, who also enjoyed fine drink, such as Clement the Alexandrian, Methodius of Olympus, and Ambrose of the famed Milan. Such pillars of the early faith defended drink in moderation and were stalwart apologists who followed after the great Saint Paul, always being ready to "..make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you." Continuously providing a means to bring to light the greatest cutting edge scholarship in the field of Theology, and aiming to keep your belly warm with delicious fine drink, there is nothing quite like what the Bible and Beer Consortium is doing. Let us offer up plenty of prayers that they continue onward and upwards for many years to come.

The incredible Consortium is run by a gentleman and a scholar, by the name of Ezra Boggs.

You can frequently find Ezra, who moderates these scholarly debates, always at the ready to moderate or to get a debate back in order if need be. Whether in the dark or in the light, Ezra is usually enjoying a fine delicious beer and smoking from his eloquent looking pipe. He has, to put in plain and simple, made debating absolutely fun and incredible again. He packs places with people that can enjoy fine food and award winning craft beer straight from the tap.

The debates hosted by the Bible and Beer Consortium are usually Theist vs. Atheist debates. I had the pleasure of debating against prominent Atheist, John Loftus, this past January. We debated on the issue of the Virgin Birth in History and the Scriptures.

I highly recommend checking out their Youtube page, where they have a massive assortment of scholarly debates ranging from every kind of topic a Theist and an Atheist can tackle. They've had the cream of the crop debate on their forums, and I look forward to debating on their incredible platform again later in 2020. I highly recommend following this Consortium as they add more dates around Texas in 2020. If you're in Texas, head out to their events. If you're not, then FLY out to see them!

Not only can you enjoy an incredible beer, but you can partake in discussion on the inerrant Scriptures as you revel in the glory of our Triune God!

It's time to wrap this blog post up, and to pour a cold one out. Long live the Scriptures. Long prosper the message of the Fathers. Worship our Triune God forever. And pray that the Bible and Beer Consortium continue to be a platform for truth for many years to come.



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