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The Mother and Mistress of the Apostles (Mater et Magistra Apostolorum)

The Biblical Foundation for Mary’s Role as Mother and Teacher of the Apostles

As you know, we are hard at work on TWO upcoming books on Holy Mary. As of now, there is simply NO BOOK on the market that touches upon the Biblical and Patristic foundations of the Immaculate Conception. As we round off our next two Marian volumes, we have decided to present you with a BRAND NEW WORK ON HOLY MARY! This paper delves into the profound role of Holy Mary as the teacher of the Apostles and the spiritual Mother of the Church, featuring a comprehensive chapter that combines meticulous exegesis of Biblical Greek, insightful analyses of Church Fathers texts, and carefully crafted translations.

Exegesis of Biblical Greek:

The foundation of the chapter rests on a thorough exegesis of relevant Biblical passages in Greek, with a focus on those that highlight Mary's teachings and interactions with the Apostles. To enrich the narrative, the chapter incorporates less-explored texts from Church Fathers that provide valuable insights into Mary's teachings. These texts offer a nuanced understanding of the theological and pastoral significance of Mary's role in the early Church.

It is our hope that this chapter will deepen the understanding of Mary's pivotal role in the early Christian church and inspire continued reflection on her enduring influence as a spiritual guide and mother of believers.



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