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Tuggy vs. Albrecht-Was Tertullian a Trinitarian?

Gary Michuta and William Albrecht Discuss the Canon of Scripture on LIVE RADIO

Turretinfan vs. Albrecht-The Eucharist Debate


William Albrecht Discusses Jehovah’s Witnesses and Communion

Barker vs. Albrecht-Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

Turretinfan vs. Albrecht-Icons Debate

Robertson vs. Albrecht-Is the Pope the Head of the Church?

Loftus vs. Albrecht-The Virgin Birth Debate

Crossley vs. Albrecht-Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

Turretinfan vs. Albrecht- Saint Athanasius & Sola Scriptura Debate

Costa vs. Albrecht-Veneration of Images Debate

Shabir Ally vs. Albrecht-Is Jesus God?

Ken Humphreys vs. Albrecht- Jesus Christ: Myth or Historical Figure?

Robert M. Price vs. Albrecht-Did Christ Resurrect from the Dead?

Show on the origins of the Sabbath

Turretinfan vs. Albrecht-Canon Debate

Turretinfan vs. Albrecht-Apostolic Fathers and Canon Debate

Ritchie vs. Albrecht- Oneness vs. Trinity Debate

Date vs. Albrecht-Hell Eternal Suffering Debate

Turretinfan vs. Albrecht-Immaculate Conception Debate

Turretinfan vs. Albrecht- The Marian Titles Debate

PANEL DISCUSSION RADIO SHOW: Did the Apostles write the Gospels?

Turretinfan vs. Albrecht-Justification Debate

Ritchie vs. Albrecht-Did the Early Church Fathers hold to the Oneness faith?

Mccabe vs. Albrecht-Did Justin Martyr believe Jesus was God?

Rodriguez vs. Albrecht-Were the Apostolic Fathers Arian?