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St. Michael & the Apostolic Fathers!

In celebration of the Feast Day of Saint Michael, we take a glimpse into the infant Church and how they viewed this incredible figure.

In the Shepherd of Hermas we read:

"..the great and glorious angel is Michael, who hath the power over this people and is their captain."

Original Greek text of the Shepherd

Michael was a chief figure in the Bible as well as the Early Church. Hermas calls him "great" and "glorious", emphasizing how he was given oversight of the people of God.

What is most significant about these passages from the Shepherd is that they are preceded by verses that show that God has dominion over his people, and has thus chosen Michael as his representative. The Shepherd is complex at times, and perhaps seemingly unorthodox in places, but what cannot be denied is the influence of various Biblical traditions that the author was aware of. Happy Feast Day!


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