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Saint Ignatius Complete MP3 Set!

Several years back I heard Catholic Hack Joe Mcclane's audio recording of the 7 authentic epistles of Saint Ignatius in mp3 format. This is absolutely some of the BEST stuff I have EVER heard. Joe produces an audio collection on Saint Ignatius that is hands down the BEST one available. An audiobook collection like this would run you about 50-60$ easily on something like Audible. The free stuff on Net archive is dull and boring, and makes it easy to lose your concentration. I've heard Joe's set several times, including in preparation for debates. Joe injects his fantastic radio voice personality into the Ignatian epistles and breathes life into the writings that the great martyr left us. He's got the complete mp3 set for like 15 bucks. You can shoot over the pocket change and download and save these mp3 recordings. They're done in a professional manner and he uses the Ignatian recensions that the massive majority of scholars agree upon as being authentic. Snag this set NOW! Ignatius Complete MP3 set


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