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Jesus Christ:Superstition?

How would you feel if someone walked up to you and began to lambast your Christian faith, utterly trashing it? Would you feel compelled to defend it? Would you feel the desire to, as 1 Peter 3 says:

"Always be ready to make your defense.." ?

What about venerating relics? Is that an outrageous Christian superstition? How about joining Uncle Bob and Aunt Kathy for a Pentecostal service? Would you shudder at the sheer amount of people bursting out into "tongues" talk type worship? Or how about the evangelical that insists that one must make that altar call and have that "personal" relationship

with Jesus Christ in order to truly evince he has true salvation? Robert Price is no stranger to Christianity, having debated this topic a massive number of times. He's also written numerous books, including some top notch translations. As a devout Catholic Christian, I heavily and strongly disagree with him, but I respect the arguments he puts forward. Not central to the thesis of this book is the Historicity of Jesus Christ, something that Price has argued against in the past. Instead, Price puts center stage several traditional practices that Christians should eliminate from their dogmatic mindset in order to make the faith seem more palatable to the outsider. Price admits that a Historical Jesus may indeed exist, but that these "silly" beliefs and practices are a hindrance to one coming to accept a logical and intellectual form of Christianity. Christianity deserves an intellectual defense and must be able to answer the charges Price puts forth in a cogent manner. Peter, Paul, and the Gospel writers would have defended the faith with vigor. We must emulate the examples of the earliest apologists like the great Saint Justin the Martyr and the inimitable Saint Irenaeus. I highly recommend this book to believers. One must become familiar with some of the best arguments put forth by modern day apologists that oppose what Christianity teaches. We must be able to defend the faith that was "once for all entrusted to the saints." Jude 1

5 out of 5

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