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Bibles most worthy to own

One of the most frequent questions that I get asked is what kind of Bible(s) I would recommend to fellow Catholics or those on the fence interested in converting. I have tossed together a list from beginner level to advanced of the best editions and or sets that I think are worthy of owning and adding to your library. For anyone that is SERIOUS about reading and learning your Bible, you MUST own an Apostolic Bible. Let's stop being silly with this mutilated Protestant nonsense, let's get on track with the early Church!

Good and solid English Catholic Bibles

Very good edition that I think every library should own. The RSV is a comfortable and easy reading English edition that will not drown your faith with heretical footnotes. Get a copy.

Every serious Catholic owns a Douay Rheims edition! The English is a bit old and outdated at times, but the clear message of the ancient Catholic teaching STILL shines through! This is a bit on the expensive side, but a worthy Christmas gift for the lover of his Catholic faith!

For those not willing to take the plunge and spend well over 100$ on a Bible, this is a VERY affordable Douay Rheims edition that is ALSO quite beautiful. You should own it, it is worthy to have on your bookshelf!

The following books I recommend to those Catholics that are graduating from milk to solid food:

If you are getting your feet wet learning some basic Greek, then you should own the latest or previous edition of the NA NT. This edition is nice in that it has Greek and English side by side. It is a worthy edition that you can feel comfortable owning. It is not intimidating.

Everyone should own a copy of the Greek LXX. This is an English and Greek edition that will make you feel like you have 19inch biceps, and it's also totally worth having on your desk as you flip through the ancient Greek texts and read the Old Testament as the Early Church would have read it.

Speaking of Septuagint editions, this is a new translation that I think is worthy enough to own. Note that this is an English translation of the Septuagint. It is most worthy to have this set next to your black as the night darkened coffee as you thumb through the Son of Man passages in the book of Daniel as you worship on Trinity Sunday!

Pretty straightforward, it's an interlinear of the Bible in Greek, Hebrew, and English. It is quite heavy and an absolute must own for those that are hoping and aspiring to learn the Biblical languages.

From solid food to prime beef, steaks, and quality aged beer/wine

This set needs no introduction. This is the Valhalla edition of the LXX Septuagint that is a MUST own for any SERIOUS lover of the Ancient Faith. Just reading the description alone will make you salivate:

Combining textual evidence from countless manuscripts and ancient sources—including Philo,Josephus, and the Greek Church Fathers—the Göttingen Septuagint is the most detailed and elaborate critical edition of the Septuagint ever published.

This Göttingen is the LXX for the big boys.

A very worthy edition of the Greek LXX. The Rahlfs edition is usually on every book shelf because it is a good edition and it is quite affordable.

This also needs no introduction as it is the updated 28th edition of the Nestle-Aland Greek NT text.

Happy reading, fellow lovers of Christ!


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